August 16, 2010

going, going... not quite gone

Still in that holding pattern... No ticket yet (perhaps that's not a big surprise), but the good surprise is that Nate is most likely going to fly out with me! At first I thought it may have been a fluke in the first travel group (that spouses got tickets too), but then it was confirmed by the ADEC email. Sooo, Nate and I should be on a flight together by the 28th of this month!

The ping-pong table is still covered with my travel piles... carry-on section, clothing for checked luggage, and "other stuff" for checked luggage. Still need to do the power-of-attorney thing for my dad, let banks know we'll be going overseas, and get vpn witopia for the computer. I also want to go through the storage unit stuff again to be sure I didn't miss any teaching materials. I'll make a small box of things my mom could ship me if I discover I want them. We aren't bringing any extra luggage beyond our allotment. If you go over the weight requirement or add extra bags, you can end up paying a lot extra.

I went for a short "sprint" around the block as it was getting dark last night. I am anxious to get back in shape... This waiting-for-flight-info time has been poorly utilized by me! I've become a couch potato, only instead of watching t.v., I can't tear myself away from the computer. So, I'll do another run today, and maybe a workout video? I'm going to do crunches and push-ups everyday too. And perhaps my dad will go play disc golf or mountain bike with me this week.

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