August 1, 2010

...and anxiety hits!

Okay, so I am totally comfortable with ending up in another country soon, and I'm totally comfortable with not knowing anyone upon arrival (and relaxing in a lovely hotel room!). However, I am FREAKING out at the sudden reality that my time is now limited. It is August 1st, and I could be flying out the 8th or anytime after. The likely date is the 10th, as ADEC mentioned that date specifically for the first group, and I'm feeling like I'll probably be in the first group (because I interviewed so early, and my paperwork has been processed). ACK!

Therefore, I am declaring tomorrow a day of action. Secretary of State to change address (so I can get my international driver's license from AAA right after that), shopping with mom (nice sandals, book for plane, favorite pens), go through clothes and put in piles (take, storage, for-nate-to-take-if-he-has-room), figure out which school manipulatives/supplies will fit in luggage, fill out power-of-attorney-ish form for Dad, finish getting EVERYTHING on the new laptop, write thank-you notes and letters to students (I got 3 lovely letters from my old students!).

So, until tomorrow, I will try to breathe deeeeeeeply and RELAX. I'll hug my kitty cat Lucy, and I'll finish the trilogy I've been reading (that is way too big to take with me!). And then I'll sleep well to be ready for tomorrow, my day of action. :)

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Mom said...

It will all get done and you will be fine but better to get it done sooner than later so you can relax! :) Love you!!! And loved going shopping with you!