July 2, 2009

on day 7, a day of rest :)

We are visiting my cousin Scott, his wife Bernette, and their son Sam right now in Minneapolis MN... one day to wash clothes and not be on the go! Plus they are awesome company, so it will be hard to say goodbye! Here are a few little highlights/notes about the trip so far.

*longest mileage day- 87 miles

*fave camping spot--Jim and Chrissy's yard... James is the soon-to-be-owner of the best bar in Wittenberg, WI, and they also own a trucking business.

*ended up staying in the yard of the head townsman, Harland, in Colby, WI (he didn't really have a title other than "everything")... they actually let us shower!

*on one of our short mileage days (only 40) we spent the first half waiting for Nate's bike to get fixed up at the Rib Mountain Ciclery... where a very cool guy Brett totally hooked us up! He rode to California two years ago so was geeked that we were there. He only charged for parts (nate had him put a 3 ring dealio in the front instead of the 2) and threw in shot-bloks, a tube, dog spray, spoke repair kit, a light recharger, two pairs of good biking gloves, and some other "goodies". :)

*Nate jammed under the bridge in Stillwater, MN with Tommy while Jeremy and I watched and chatted.

*local bars rock!

*cows and horses are fascinated by riders

*4 of our 6 riding days were pretty much sunless

*It takes only a day to absolutely stink.

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Mom said...

What an interesting experience you have had so far! Amazing! And so many nice people along the way! Restores one's faith in the common man doesn't it?!! :) I figured that is what it would be like but am thrilled to hear it! What a great adventure you two are having. And glad you were able to spend a couple nights and a day with Scott, Bernette and Sam. Love you!