July 14, 2009

fab day, time wasting, destination washington

fab day-
104 miles two days ago, ending at Lewis and Clark State Park... Knew we had 3 days to make it to Williston but figured we'd knock out most of the journey leaving time to waste (hence my longest library visit yet). So, we started out on 2 heading west, then jogged south on a paved road that met up with hwy 1804... 1804 was quite possibly the hilliest road yet (plus there was a crazy moment on 2 when the landscape seemed to change from ND-like to Montana-like with an insane hill); one of the hills was longer than one mile according to my bike computer. And, while the scenery started out interesting (somewhat disturbing-- the oil industry is taking off here, and there was one sign that said, "poisonous gas may be present"), on 1804 the views changed to mosquitoes zooming around our heads dodging our sweaty swats. BUT, on this day, we not only kicked butt on hills and did over 100 miles, but we also reached the 1000 mark for total miles traveled!

time wasting-
Williston, ND has been a pleasant place to spend a couple of days... We checked our bikes and the trailer at the Amtrak station (see next section for more info), set up our tent in the city park, and so have been roaming freely, looking a bit odd in our only non-biking clothes (think Star Trek character and James Bond villainess). We saw Public Enemies last night and tonight might hit up the late-night showing of the new Harry Potter flick. We are planning on Chinese for dinner. Oh, and for the second time on this journey, our city park campsite was attacked by the sprinkler monsters! We must not be very observant when setting up the tent... luckily the sprinkler heads were *outside* the fly. :)

destination washington-
Tomorrow morning we hop on the Amtrak to head to Everett WA... Then we're thinking we'll head north to Vancouver, then come back down to stay with one of Nate's friends in Bellingham. From there we'll hit up spots along the coast. I will even get to see one of my oldest and dearest friends, Alena, who has been my "pen-pal" since first grade! VERY exciting. Ultimately, we'd like to get down to Santa Barbara and perhaps do some wine-tasting and see the sights along the way. Since we managed over 1000 miles on this first leg of the trip, we're not feeling guilty about Amtrakkin' it. More time to enjoy friends and scenery along the Pacific route!


Mom said...

Amtrak - great idea! Can't believe you have put in 1,000 miles already on your bikes! WOW! Enjoyed reading your blog - you will have to "publish" a summary of your trip when you get home for all of us! We are living this adventure through you two! So we are always thrilled when a message on facebook or a blog comes through! :) Happy trails to you as you ride the Amtrak - that will be an adventure in itself and I am sure beautiful scenery! Enjoy! And relax and recover! For the next round of biking!

Nancy said...

Finally, a detailed account of your trip! Now I just need pictures to look at. I think a train trip after 1000 miles sounds like a deserving treat :) You should go to Whidbey Island. We lived there for 4 years when we were first married. It's really neat.

Keep safe and well! Love you.