May 28, 2010

downsizing life

Funny to realize how little most possessions actually matter. We have been steadily stocking Goodwill for the past 3 months. The boxes come and go from the kitchen, and the cats take full advantage of new cozy sleep spots. We keep the essentials: books, movies, photos, and very few decorative items. I am continuously appalled by my wardrobe, which maintains a status of HUGE despite the many clothing-filled boxes given away. Old t-shirts lead to the greatest separation anxiety, and luckily they have helped us pack up wine glasses safely (any excuse to avoid saying goodbye to the soft comforting tees).

Another tricky thing is categorizing our "keeps"... Storage unit for next two years, storage unit only until we leave for the UAE, keep up here but only until school is out, storage unit but only until we bicycle away from K-zoo in mid-June, etc. It overwhelms my brain at times.