November 10, 2009

pet bliss

Obviously the pets don't mind the mess of us still unpacking boxes and cluttering the house. Lucy especially seems to be incredibly at ease! :)

November 4, 2009

November mood

snow, rain, snow, sun, clouds, light, dark, sweaters, leaves, winter hats, heat blasting, toasty blankets, foggy breath, chilly rides, early sunsets...

Every year I find myself loving this transition from autumn into winter, my mind mixed in flurries of past and present smells and sounds, feeling the briskness of air with each breath.

November 2, 2009

Back from hibernation...

We had a most smurfy Halloween! And can I just say, I love Nate to pieces and am so happy to have met someone willing to go on adventures with me and enjoy the littlest moments in life.

I've become more aware of the people that I'm lucky to know... friends, family, colleagues. Despite being ill for a lengthy amount of time (bronchitis, asthma stuff, early pneumonia), I am really trying to appreciate the litlte lucky things about each day.