June 22, 2009

diva cup

The diva cup was today's purchase, to arrive before our departure. I heard about this back in college, and my friend in the peace corps. raved about it... Figured I might as well make my bike ride more pleasant and be good to the earth at the same time! :)

reality check

Ali and I went to see this movie at the State Theatre this morning, and both us felt good to have had a sort of "reality check"-- a reminder of the world's largeness, of our luckiness, of the strength of human spirit in the darkest of times. I kept wishing I had gotten a degree in something else so that I could get a job working/volunteering in a refugee camp somewhere, where the need is so obviously apparent. Anyhow, I also felt glad that I am biking endlessly this summer, removing myself from my normal materialistic routines, a chance to distinguish between my needs and wants, and a chance to think about the others out there who would be thrilled to even have a bicycle, period.

June 21, 2009

bonnaroo images

the to-do list

Let's lay it out there, so you all can experience the last-minute planning with me...

xcall landlord about paying rent ahead by cashier's check (didn't reorder personal checks as my last name will be changing)

xput away boxes in the spare room, clean up, move kitty stuff to my room

xcancel cable

xgo to bank-- get cashier's check and money out

xmail sunglasses insert to mom to give to eye dr.

xget memory duo stick for new camera

xbuy sports bra to wear with jersey

*find good compression sack for sleeping bags

xget "quick release" on my brakes to actually be "quick" (and easier, for the many flat tires I'll have to change!)

*clean out fridge

*figure out court stuff for future divorce date

*stock up on kitty litter

*return one pair of bike shorts to nashbar

*maybe that's all??

June 19, 2009


So, here's my new bike! Replaced the hybrid tires with skinnies, and it's good to go. The Bianchi wasn't working out as well-- couldn't easily attach a rack for panniers, and the rear cassette only had about 1500 miles left on it, and those parts are hard to find. So, for LESS than what she was asking for the Bianchi, I got this fabulous Kona Jake!

June 17, 2009


no time, no time... but here is a short list of some folks I saw at Bonnaroo (not necessarily "enjoyed" but "saw").

*ani difranco, ben harper, phish, beastie boys, bruce springsteen, snoop dogg, jeanine garofalo (and some other comedians), bon iver, jimmy buffet, the decemberists, the lovell sisters, merle haggard, erykah badu, brett dennen, andrew bird, zac brown band

and definitely some others.

agenda for today-- drop off sunglasses rx insert measurements at glasses place, let Mom get me a trip journal, buy better (and more compact) digital camera, finish laundry, head back north for a fun night (finally get to see Stacey again-- Ali, perhaps you'll join us on her porch tonight?!) and have an incredibly productive day tomorrow.

June 10, 2009

boring but not bored

My creative juices are not flowing tonight. Today has been fantastic. Blasting music while driving with windows down and two bikes on the roof, with the sun shining in FINALLY. It actually felt like a summer day, and vacation is suddenly a reality. I stopped off in Grand Rapids to see Nate and pick up the mixed tape he made me... I know, I know, I'm a bit behind on the times with a tape deck in my car. Anyhow, I'm enjoying listening to the tunes because he used songs from his vinyl collection.

I arrived safely, and Mom and I went to Walgreens (got a great clearance deal on Burt's Bees lotion and shampoo) then to a Thai place for an early dinner, then on to Meijers for my Bonnaroo shopping trip... I got tons of fabulously healthy and tasty options. When we got back, we prepared to ride. I convinced my mom to join me for the first part (she did last 15 minutes!), and then I continued on for a rolling ride along lovely countryside. I felt good. My legs are still strong... I always wonder how that happens when I know I'm not the most in-shape. Leg muscles won't be giving me troubles on our journey this summer, thankfully.

And now, I really need to shower, I really need to organize food for the trip, and I really need to get some sleep in preparation for Curt's arrival at 5-ish. He had to work tonight so we won't get down to TN until 2 or 3 tomorrow afternoon. I just hope I sleep well so I can drive while he sleeps!

Happy Bonnaroo, friends! You may not see another post until the 16th... Hopefully with some fun photos from the festival.

June 9, 2009

"beyond ideas
there is a field

will you meet me there?"


June 8, 2009


Cat Stevens - If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out
Found at bee mp3 search engine

I keep wondering what I've been doing all this time... I guess just gettin' to where I am today. Because, wow, I never realized how easy it is to choose happiness and health and things you love. My mind experiences this new pleasant vibe that it's never quite known before, and am I ever thankful.

June 7, 2009

weekend synopsis

Staff party at Tom's was delightful, sitting on his deck overlooking Torch, chatting with good people. Got down to GR around 10:30... Bonfire in the backyard with Nate and Lindsey, followed by the best sleep I've had in a long time ;).

Ventured to Lansing and met Nate's amazing cousin Laura. And picked up this rather nice road bike, which I'm thinking I like... Let me know if you've ridden a Bianchi Veloce before and what you thought about it.

Headed to K-zoo and visited with mis padres (Dad injured a fingernail while helping us repair a flat tire), and then met Lindsey (and Juddy Buddy!) at Bell's to hear some Greensky Bluegrass. I slowly transitioned to eating food on this day in order to be able to drink a couple of Bell's brews (normally you "ease-out" of the cleanse in a 3-day process, which I condensed into one day).

Then this morning, we had a lovely visit with Lindsey's sister and her hubby. Once back in GR, Nate and I treated ourselves to some Indian "cuisine" (hee hee, buffet). And now I am home again. Need to hit up the store for some veggies and fruit, then FINALLY do report cards.

Ben Harper - By My Side
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June 5, 2009



June 4, 2009

update 2

(this empty space will not go away no matter what I do... )

Indigo Girls - Get Out The Map

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Change in Route... Due to the high possibility of 100 degree temps and the lure of northern wilderness and pacific shoreline, Nate and I are now planning to depart from Manitowoc, WI (after taking the ferry across) and then head across the northern United States. Once we hit Washington's northwestern corner (almost), we'll go south along the Pacific shoreline as far down in California as we get. The trip is taking shape!

June 3, 2009

update 1

hee hee... So, my main reason for doing this cleanse is *not* to lose weight. I just thought you might enjoy that cheezy ad. Ultimately, I am awful at moderation, and I have been eating unhealthy food nonstop for the last few months, so I am hoping this drastic approach will help me be able to switch to a healthier gear, by forcing me to say "no" and showing me how my body and mind feel when they are not weighed down by all the fatty grossness of my typical diet.
I am on Day 5 of the cleanse, and still doing really well! I have not yet had any pangs of hunger, which I find incredible.